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Writing Group

Due to “always on” culture and the countless personal and professional obligations facing faculty and staff,
setting aside time for focused work is becoming more challenging. The Writing Group at Muhlenberg
College offers writing and professional development support to community members as they work toward
their professional goals. This grassroots group was conceived by a small group of faculty in the fall of 2015,
with the formal establishment of an Ad Hoc committee in 2020. More information about our events is
provided below. All part-time and full-time faculty and staff are invited to participate in these Writing
Group events.

Events and Support

Writing Retreats

Writing Retreats offer a space for community members to set and work toward their professional goals in a supportive
environment. Participants meet to set their goals for the retreat, write individually for a designated period of time, and then
reconvene to discuss their progress and future plans. We often discuss strategies for dedicating time to scholarship and
overall tips for productivity, balance, and well-being. These events are intended to increase scholarship productivity for
faculty by providing space for writing and serving as a mechanism for accountability. This is also a helpful space for staff
members to make progress toward a project or initiative.    

Summer and Winter Break Retreats

Shortly after each semester ends, a multi-day Writing Retreat is typically offered in which participants write for ~2-5 days in
a row. Each Retreat day is structured like the Writing Retreats described above. 

Ad Hoc Committee

Sherri Young, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
Mirna Trauger, Assistant Professor (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)
Kate Richmond, Professor (Psychology)

*If you have ideas for other events and support, please contact one of the Ad Hoc committee members.

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