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Ticket Please

On day one of the semester students are given two “tickets” they need to redeem at some point in the semester….one to attend at least one office/student hour and the other to attend at least one workshop led by the Learning Assistant. 

Students fill in their names and the date of attendance on the brightly colored tickets and submit them when they attend each event. 

At the end of the term, I put the completed tickets in a hat and we have a drawing to win a few silly-but-fun math games and prizes. 

This has proven effective in getting students to cross both thresholds at least once and most come back after that!

On November 12, 2019 Muhlenberg colleagues gathered to share their teaching hacks. Teaching hacks are relatively simple strategies that we might use to improve student learning or reduce our workload. These strategies might free up additional class time, increase the efficiency of our practices, or better support our ability to work on scholarship or service.

Linda McGuire
Professor of Mathematics

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