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From syllabus: These (less than 5 min) screencasts will cover material that I believe you have been introduced to in earlier coursework and that you need to be comfortable with to engage with more advanced material.  I am choosing not to review this material in the lecture because I do not believe that is the most effective way for you to (re)learn it.  Instead, I ask that you watch these videos before class (I will post on Canvas by 9 pm the night before).  I will then ask if there are any questions about the material in class or plan activities that allow us to practice applying the material together (note that I will take a similar approach to support your work on some assignments as well).

On November 12, 2019 Muhlenberg colleagues gathered to share their teaching hacks. Teaching hacks are relatively simple strategies that we might use to improve student learning or reduce our workload. These strategies might free up additional class time, increase the efficiency of our practices, or better support our ability to work on scholarship or service.

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