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New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

In addition to regular MCTL programming, new full-time faculty are supported with specific programming tailored to the needs of faculty members in their first two years at the college. The MCTL Assistant Director works closely with the Director and the MCTL board to offer a range of content-specific programs and opportunities for informal community-building. If you have any questions about NFO or ideas for programming, please contact the Assistant Director of MCTL. 

Summer NFO

NFO typically begins in August of a faculty member’s first year. The summer sessions provide new faculty with opportunities to meet other members of their cohort, MCTL board members, and various other administrators, faculty, and staff across campus to help ease their transition to Muhlenberg. Programs to aid in designing assignments and syllabi are also offered. Examples of previous summer NFO programming include:

The First Year at Muhlenberg: Finding your way

Participants explore a range of scenarios and potential challenges that may come up during the first year. Resources to help support the transition to Muhlenberg are provided to facilitate discussion.

Inclusive pedagogies

Participants explore the importance of classroom climate, as well as pedagogical strategies for increasing inclusion in learning environments in and outside of the classroom.

Designing and reflecting on meaningful assignments

Participants examine important principles of designing effective assignments, explore novel assignments, and reflect on past or future assignments.

Panel & discussion with second-year faculty

A group of second-year faculty share reflections and advice on teaching, scholarship, and other aspects of life at Muhlenberg based on their first-year experiences. Ample time is allotted for discussion and Q&A.

Yearly NFO

Following summer NFO, new faculty continue to be supported with focused programming throughout their first and second years at the College. Monthly sessions focused on the needs and interests of each new faculty cohort are offered. Previous NFO sessions have focused on balancing teaching, scholarship, and service, building a mentoring network, leading effective class discussions, and interpreting and utilizing student evaluations.

New faculty also have the opportunity to request a peer partner, a faculty mentor outside of their department, through MCTL. Peer Partners are typically assigned during the faculty member’s first semester at the College, and assignments are made based on survey results from new faculty and interested senior faculty partners. A community building event (e.g., a dinner or zoom event) for peer partner pairs is typically held sometime in the first year to allow faculty to meet their peer partners and other faculty on campus. Modest funds are also provided to support meetings between peer partners throughout the year. This program is an excellent opportunity for faculty to get advice about a range of topics such as developing courses, balancing teaching with scholarship and service, navigating interpersonal relationships with students and colleagues, and campus culture. It is also helpful for new faculty to have a trusted mentor outside of their department.

Resources for New Faculty

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ABC’s of Muhlenberg

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Assessment Strategies

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Digesting the Curriculum

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Finding your way

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Funding sources

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Inclusive & Anti-Racist Pedagogy

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So…When Do I Write?

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