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Mid-semester evaluation

This is a mid semester course evaluation I sometimes use. It is generic. I revise it by adding questions to fit the class. I like to prod them to think about their own actions/inactions with respect to how class is going. I usually get good responses to that (e.g., I could participate more. I could do the readings sooner.)

Just Checking In….

Here’s what I like about the class so far….

Here’s something I hope we can do differently in class in the future….

Here is something I could do better to make the class more interesting/helpful (“I” means you, the student):

Here is one questions I hope Connie will clarify about material from the text/reader/lecture:

So far, I’ve managed to keep up with the readings….TRUE     FALSE    ALMOST

Comments on the readings:

So far, I’ve managed to attend most lectures….  TRUE     FALSE     ALMOST

Comments on the lectures:

Other comments:

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