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Beyond the Classroom

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Finding your way

This information is provided to new faculty during our New Faculty Orientation. News (yours and others) Hooray!  You’ve just had an article published / had...

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Digesting the Curriculum

During this New Faculty Orientation (NFO) event, faculty from Curriculum Committee, Integrative Learning, and the Writing Program Committee provided an overview of helpful tips and...

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Assessment Strategies

Assessment is an integral part of our development as teachers and mentors, and it can also track the impact of curricular changes, and improve our...

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Inclusive & Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Promising practices promoting inclusion and belonging Fall 2020 COURSE DESIGN Review your curricular materials for representation of diverse and underrepresented perspectives, inclusive of difference in...

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Ticket Please

On day one of the semester students are given two “tickets” they need to redeem at some point in the semester….one to attend at least...

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Exam wrapper

Teaching hacks are relatively simple strategies that we might use to improve student learning or reduce our workload. These strategies might free up additional class...

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