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Funding sources

updated by A. Hark 8.12.13

Conference attendance

  • Your department chair has a budget (typically $500 per faculty member each year) for professional travel, available whether attending or presenting at a meeting. 
  • Apply – through your department head – to Provost Ramsay’s office to supplement departmental funds for professional travel when you have a significant role in a meeting (e.g., presenting a paper, serving as an officer).  No deadline; amounts are based on need. 
  • Apply to FCT Director for support for attendance at conferences devoted to teaching.  No deadline, but you are encouraged to apply early as funds are limited.  Grant amount: maximum $500.

Library materials

  • Contact your departmental liaison or your interdisciplinary program liaison to order books for the library.  Deadlines and amounts vary by department. 
  • The Library Committee also administers the Parents’ Book Fund to support collection development in underrepresented or emerging content areas and new faculty members are especially encouraged to apply.  Faculty members submit a list of titles accessible to undergraduates and a brief explanation of the need for these resources.  Applications are generally due in October or November; level of funding varies.

Support for course development

  • Pedagogical development grants provide faculty summer stipends to develop a significantly new approach in their teaching that focuses on improving student learning. Proposals may be submitted by pairs or teams.  Applications are reviewed by FCT.  Grant amount: $2000-4000; deadline mid-January.
  • New course development grants provide summer support for course development that meets departmental or College-wide needs.  This does not include regular course preparation; a supporting letter from your Department Chair or Program Director is required.  Applications are reviewed by FCT and the Provost, with consultation with Writing Program Committee for first year seminars.  Grant amounts $2000-4000; deadline mid-January.
  • The Center for Ethics (C4E) offers course development grants to faculty who integrate classes and projects with the Center’s thematic programming.  Apply to Bruce Wightman, C4E director.  Grant amount: $500; deadline typically late July.

Support for scholarship

  • Faculty Research and Professional Growth grants are summer stipends for research and professional development or for direct expenses.  The Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee (FDSC) makes recommendations for funding to the Provost. Grant amounts $1500-4000; deadline mid-January.

Funding sources for students

Conference attendance

  • Faculty or departments can apply to Dean Mike Huber’s office to subsidize expenses for students’ presentations at professional meetings. No deadline but funds are limited.

Research stipends

  • Student Research Assistantships let faculty hire students throughout the year for skilled professional academic tasks that benefit the faculty member’s work.  Selections are made by FDSC.  Rolling deadlines; amount: hourly pay scale for specified hours.
  • Students can apply through the Dean of Student’s office for Summer Research Grants.  Projects are intended to be student-initiated but students must work with a faculty mentor.  Recommendations for funding are made to the Provost by FDSC.  Grant amount: $2600; deadline mid-February.
  • Summer Research Collaboration grants support research started by a faculty member but requiring significant student assistance and/or collaboration of the kind that could be granted academic credit.  Recommendations are made by FDSC.  Grant amount: $2600; deadline mid-March.