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Summer Writing workshop (NFO)

At the end of every spring semester, many of us dream about the unlimited summer writing time we’ll finally get to do all the things! But as experience (that is: what happens summer after summer) tells us, there never is enough time to fit in everything. In this session, faculty will plan their summer writing paths in a more reasonable manner: including much needed time for rest and recovery, accounting for family obligations and teaching prep, and understanding how many weeks we really have to ourselves, and how many hours in those weeks we really have to dedicate to professional activities. Participants will reflect on what are unreasonable expectations, of things that we always forget but actually need to be included, help each other to design strategies to protect time when and where it makes sense, and brainstorm how to identify our most productive times. This workshop includes a hands-on planning session using calendars and planners, a list of projects, and colourful markers and pens.


May 26 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am