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SoTL Chat Session: Sherri Young

Presenter: Sherri Young

Project: Incorporating inter-lab collaborations into the organic chemistry laboratory. I will present an overview of this manuscript as well as recently received reviewer comments.

Goals:  Obtain advice about navigating and responding to negative reviewer comments. Come up with a strategy for revising and resubmitting manuscript.

Inter-lab collaborations

Throughout the winter spring semesters, MCTL is trying to find new ways support faculty and staff as they reimagine their teaching. Please see the description below of a new initiative and mark your calendars for the first two events. These sessions are intended to provide an informal and constructive forum for discussing scholarship projects related to teaching and learning.

Description: In his landmark book, Scholarship Reconsidered, Boyer (1990) advocated for a more diverse conceptualization of scholarship and outlined several overlapping types of scholarship (e.g., scholarship of application, scholarship of discovery, scholarship of teaching, etc.). Quite a few years ago, Muhlenberg recognized and codified these dimensions in our faculty handbook. In the current moment, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) has taken on increased importance. Healey et al. (2013) described the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as “the process of exploring, researching, developing, refining, reflecting upon, and communicating better ways and means of producing, promoting, and enhancing scholarly learning and teaching in ways that are ethically reasoned and inclusive” (p. 24). See the link HERE for an excellent SoTL resource from the University of Minnesota. The ongoing pandemic has prompted each of us to reimagine and redesign our courses and our interactions with students. In the interest of supporting SoTL work, MCTL is extending an open invitation for faculty and staff to facilitate a session based on their prospective, current, or past SoTL work. Here’s what we have in mind…

What? Faculty and staff are invited to present some aspect of a SoTL project and solicit feedback, discussion, or support from colleagues. This can be a project that you are considering for the upcoming semester(s), a current project, or a recently completed project. In each case, the goals may be different (e.g., to generate methodology ideas, to interpret data, or to respond to reviewer feedback), but the focus of the session will be on constructive conversation.

When? If you have a SoTL project for which you would like feedback or support from colleagues, contact Mark Sciutto or Sherri Young to discuss setting up a day and time. We will scatter these throughout the semester and extend an open invite to colleagues. Recordings will be made available at the discretion of the presenter/facilitator.


Jan 22 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm