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Reading Digitally

Together with MCTL, the Writing Program Committee, and the Library, the Digital Learning group invites you to read and discuss a new book by Janae Cohn, Skim, Dive, Surface: Teaching Digital Reading.
The invitation is to read the book (or select chapters) and join us for a virtual discussion on January 26, 4:30-5:30 pm.
The purpose of the shared reading and discussion is to provide space and resources to consider some of the observations faculty are making in their courses about the ways students engage texts digitally, and to discuss what it might mean for our teaching practices.
We look forward to dialogue with many of you on January 26, but please reach out before then if you have questions or want to discuss any strategies or practices introduced by the author. The Digital Learning HiVE is open and instructional design pedagogical partners are happy to meet virtually as you work on courses for the spring semester.


Jan 26 2022


4:30 am - 5:30 pm