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MCTL: Your Anti-Racist Action Plan: Next Steps. “Am I Doing this ‘Right’?”

Last fall, the administration asked departments and programs to devise anti-racist action plans by the end of the academic year. Now, MCTL (facilitated by Matthieu de Wit, Frederick Wright Jones, Cathy Marie Ouellette, Fulvia Alderiso) ask interested parties to come together and share their experiences in devising and beginning to implement their anti-racist plans. What have you tried that has worked? Where do you see room for improvement? What would you like to try, but maybe aren’t sure you have the expertise or tools to be successful? This conversation will be pedagogically oriented and is inclusive of all Departments and Programs. Since there is no singularly “right” way to implement an anti-racist plan, this discussion is aimed at providing a supportive environment for all attendees. Please join us in this collective learning environment! This event will be offered in hybrid format. You can join us in-person or on Zoom.


Nov 08 2021


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Seegers Event Space