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Beyond Evaluation: Using IDEA Student Ratings to Reflect on Your Teaching

In Fall 2019, the College changed to using the IDEA system for student ratings of instruction. As part of the evaluation process, the College uses the global summative score from the IDEA. Although these global scores may be broadly informative, they offer relatively little information to help us reflect on our teaching or guide future revisions of our courses. Fortunately, the IDEA forms offer a wealth of information beyond the global scores that, if used thoughtfully, can raise interesting questions and offer potential avenues to explore in our teaching.

As you prepare for your spring courses, MCTL will sponsor a 90-minute workshop led by Mark Sciutto on how to use IDEA ratings to promote reflection and make pedagogical decisions in your courses. In the interest of maximizing scheduling flexibility and public health precautions, this workshop will be entirely virtual.


Jan 06 2022


10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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