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Antiracist Teaching Across the Disciplines

In light of the recent uprising against racial and social injustice in this
country, institutions of higher education are facing a reckoning in which we are tasked
with the long overdue responsibility to root legacies of racism out of our structures,
policies, and practices. Our students, as well as our faculty and staff colleagues, are
asking us to build Muhlenberg into an antiracist institution. What does that mean for
our teaching? The ways in which we facilitate learning for our students? The ways we
think about and approach our goals for ourselves as educators?
In this MCTL program, Brooke Vick, Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity
Initiatives, will provide guidance on anti-racist teaching practices and facilitate a panel
of faculty members from across the academic divisions in a discussion of what an
antiracist approach means for them and how they have worked (and are continuing to
work) to manifest it in their teaching of Muhlenberg students.


Oct 14 2020


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm