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ABC’s of Muhlenberg

AIC: Academic Integrity Code

AJB: Academic Judicial Board

APFDI: Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity Initiatives

AR: Arts (GAR distribution designation)

ARC: Academic Resource Center

APC: Academic Policy Committee

BAC: Budget Advisory Committee

BRET:  Bias Resource and Education Team

CC: Curriculum Committee

CCCL: College Committee on Campus Life

CCTDL: College Committee on Technology and Digital Learning

CUE: Culminating Undergraduate Experience (GAR designation)

DLA: Digital Learning Assistant

FDSC: Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee

FEC: Faculty Evaluation Committee

FPPC: Faculty Personnel and Policies Committee

FYS: First-Year Seminar

GAR: General Academic Requirement

GCE:  Graduate and Continuing Education 

GCE APPC:  GCE Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee 

HU: Humanities (GAR distribution designation)

HDGE or DE: Human Difference and Global Engagement (GAR designation)

I & E: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

IGD: Intergroup Dialogue

IL: Integrative Learning (GAR designation)

IPO: Institute of Public Opinion

IRB: Institutional Review Board

ITDL: Information Technology Digital Learning

LA: Learning Assistant

L2:  Language (GAR academic skills designation)

MCTL: Muhlenberg Center for Teaching and Learning (formerly FCT: Faculty Center for Teaching)

MILA: Muhlenberg Integrated Learning Abroad

MILE: Muhlenberg Independent Living Experience

OCDP: Office of Career Development and Placement

ODS: Office of Disability Services

OIT: Office of Information Technology

PDAC: President’s Diversity Advisory Council

PPD: Personal and Professional Development (GAR designation)

RG: Reasoning (GAR academic skills designation)

SC: Natural Sciences and Mathematics (GAR distribution designation)

SL: Social Sciences (GAR distribution designation)

SJB: Social Judicial Board

W: Writing Intensive (GAR academic skills designation)

WA: Writing Assistant

WPC: Writing Program Committee

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