Note Comparison/Sharing

One reason that some students perform poorly in classes is that they do not have good note-taking skills. That is, although students may listen attentively, they do not always know what to write down, or they may have gaps in their notes that leave them bewildered when they go back to the notes to study or write a paper.

One way to avoid some of these pitfalls and to have students model good note-taking for each other is to have them compare notes occasionally. After covering a crucial concept, the instructor might stop lecturing and have students read each other’s notes, filling in the gaps in their own note-taking. This activity is especially useful in introductory courses or in courses designed for non-majors or special admissions students. When students see the value of supplementing their own note-taking with others’ notes, they are more likely to continue the practice outside of class time.

Source: iearning_in college_ classrooms.pdf

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