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Process For Resolving Allegations Of Academic Integrity Code Violations

Process for resolving allegations of Academic Integrity Code violations Before a violation Include a statement on the syllabus about the AIC; specify potential consequences for violations Clarify expectations for AIC compliance on individual assignments Frequently remind students during the semester… Read More »Process For Resolving Allegations Of Academic Integrity Code Violations

Inclusive & Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Promising practices promoting inclusion and belonging Fall 2020 COURSE DESIGN Review your curricular materials for representation of diverse and underrepresented perspectives, inclusive of difference in racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, ability, class, cultural, and faith identities as applicable. Be mindful of… Read More »Inclusive & Anti-Racist Pedagogy

ABC’s of Muhlenberg

AIC : Academic Integrity CodeAJB : Academic Judicial BoardAPFDI : Associate Provost for Faculty and Diversity InitiativesAR : Arts (GAR distribution designation)ARC : Academic Resource CenterAPC : Academic Policy CommitteeBAC : Budget Advisory CommitteeCC : Curriculum CommitteeCCCL : College Committee… Read More »ABC’s of Muhlenberg

Funding sources

updated by A. Hark 8.12.13 Conference attendance Your department chair has a budget (typically $500 per faculty member each year) for professional travel, available whether attending or presenting at a meeting.  Apply – through your department head – to Provost… Read More »Funding sources