About Us

The Muhlenberg Center for Teaching and Learning strives to offer programs that allow faculty members to reflect on their teaching goals and the practices they use to achieve those goals. While some topics are broad in nature and focus, most programs provide concrete strategies that faculty can apply to their own classes. The advisory board works with facilitators to research best practices and incorporate those into our programs, but we value an open approach to our teaching that recognizes that we learn as much from understanding our “teaching mistakes” as we do from following established models or practices. We especially try to highlight the work of faculty who received MCTL support for summer research or for participation in a learning community.

Founded in 1994, the Muhlenberg Center for Teaching and Learning is directed by a full-time member of the teaching faculty. The director is supported by an assistant director and an advisory board comprised of faculty members from different academic disciplines, at different career stages and with diverse pedagogical interests. Programs are developed based on input from colleagues, data on student learning on campus, and collaborative efforts with other campus offices (e.g. Trexler Library, Student Life, Office of Disability Services). A long-range planning document ensures that essential programs are offered on a regular basis and that the wide range of faculty development needs are addressed.